Sketch notes in Classrooms

💪Visualizing classroom lessons and concepts in the form of visual story using simple doodle  drawings 

1.5 months Certification Program for School Students ( 8 yrs to 15 yrs )

Summer Batch Starts: 22 March 2023

Program Google  Rating (4.8 / 5 - 310 reviews)

👉This is a certification program from the Netherlands

Empower Your Kids To Take Visual Classroom Notes like these 👇

What is Sketch Noting

Sketch-noting (visual note taking) is a communicating skill in which a child is able to visualize academic concepts and classroom lessons in the form of visual story using simple doodle  drawings 

Basically Learning by VISUALIZATION like these



🧠Science Behind it

Understanding and Expressing via  Paragraphs is a complex coding and encoding exercise for the brain 🤯 while

human brain always stores information in visuals🧠


it makes more sense to understand and express directly with VISUALS 

About this Program

This program is a 1.5 month long online cohort program with RECORDED and LIVE classes with the trainer.

Kids will be given home work exercises as well. 

and a final end exercise to get the certificate.


- Summer Batch starts 22 March 2023 till 26 April 2023

- 1.5 months program ( 6 weeks)

- 12 Online LIVE classes ( 2 per week, 1 hr each)

- 12 Video lessons (2 per week, 1 hr each)

- Over all 24 lessons (12 LIVE + 12 Recorded)  

- Home work every week

- Final exercise 

☑️Certification issued from Holland

- Life time enrollment to practice sessions and guest sessions


After registration, you can choose any of the following batches

- Batch 1 (LIVE lessons on Wed and Sat, 14:30 pm to 15:30 pm CET )

Course Content

✔️ Basic Icon drawing 
✔️ Human drawings
✔️ Emotion drawing
✔️ Humans in Action 
✔️ Eductional metaphors 
✔️ Subject metaphors  covering History, Science, Social, Maths & Lanugage
✔️Elements of sketchnotes 
✔️ Building visual vocabulary with over 500 metaphors
✔️ Sketchnote formats 
✔️ Visual Hierarchy 
✔️ Visual Bucketing 
✔️  Visual storytelling
✔️ LIVE sketchnote practice
✔️ Exam exercise

Early Bird Booking is closing in 22 hours 


"In a traditional classroom teaching most of the students take word by word paragraph notes in classroom only to vomit 🤮word by word in exams.

With Visual Notes, students are encouraged to Draw what they have understood.


 - Piyuesh Modi,

Sketch Note Trainer and Founder

CuriousPiyuesh.com, Netherlands


Able to visualize every topic in classroom

Able to use drawing as medium of communication and expression.

Strongest tool to express in "special education"

What is Sketch Notes ?

This is a skill of taking classroom notes using quick drawings instead of long paragraph text notes. 

Why Sketch notes in classrooms ?

Visuals note taking increases topic understanding and better memory recall for students. 

Additionally it makes class room teaching more fun and engaging. 

Any Drawing Skills needed?

Absolutely No drawing experience needed. 

Even a non drawing student will be able to make visual notes after this program. 


After this unique program, your kid will be able to express and take notes in visuals like this 👇


1.5 months | 24 Lessons | Certification from Netherlands

Early Bird Price Ends in

Book for group (3 or more)

€ 195 pp

After Early Bird, € 275 pp
Book for 2 kids

€ 225 pp 

After Early Bird, €  320 pp
Book for 1 kid

€ 275

After Early Bird, € 450 pp

This Program is Rated 4.8/5 on Google (253 reviews)


Professional Trained


European Countries

Who can attend

School students of 8-15 years

Parents and Teachers

Testimonials on LinkedIn 


What if I am not able to attend ?

We will be offering you other dates either offline or online. Unfortunately, the amount will not be refunded, but you will be eligible for all the other add ons. 

Can I transfer my seat to my friend

Yes you can do so. Just email at support@cuirouspiyuesh.com or whatsapp at +31-626484920

Is it program useful for educators?

Yes aboslutely. Infact even more than any one else since sketchnoting is a skill which every teacher must know and should teach students as well. 

Certificates will be provided in the end ?

Yes, digital certificate will be provided at the end. 

What Stationery is needed ?

1 black sketch pen

1 black thin liner pen

1 Highlighter

Total 100-120 A4 white sheets

Any drawing experience needed?

Nope. Absolutely no drawing expereince needed. That is the whole purpose of this program..that you will be able to draw no matter what. 

You will not get to learn Sketchnotes from Holland at this Price EVER !!


I am dedicated to take Sketchnotes from Netherlands to Indian classrooms at a very affordable price. 

If you are an educator and want a dedicated workshop for your students,

Chat with me on whatsapp

or email at: support@curiouspiyuesh.com