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Visual Thinking Trainings

Empowering Businesses with Visual Ways of Working using  Business Metaphor Drawings | Visual Storytelling  and Visual Facilitation 

Why Visual Thinking Training For Your Team

Better Presentation Skills 

Using heavy text in your power points puts the audience to sleep. Drawing on Flipcharts keeps in interesting and engages your audience visually

Enhances Co-creation

Working with visuals gets your team involved and co-creation is more fun and focused.

Improves productivity

Visuals keeps creativity level high in teams and creative teams are more productive.

Make Presentations MORE ENGAGING  

I never knew I could be drawing, let alone expressing my thinking with doodles. What a revelation! Also what a great day of fun- Piyuesh’s energy is contagious. His drawing skills a match to his teaching ability.

I can only recommend this workshop as an effective team building and training day !

Pierre Mille, Director Plan and Delivery,

Friesland Campina, The Netherlands

Communicate in Visual Metaphors and Visual Stories 

Our Visual Training Modules

Level 1. Busines Drawing Mastery

Participants will be learning basics of drawing business doodles and to draw visual metaphors on common business scenarios 

Usually 4 hours / 1 day Training (Can be Customized)

Ideal for Working professionals Trainers, Coaches Marketers Educators

No previous drawing experience needed to attend this training

Price Indication for Online Training: Euro225 P.P (Excl BTW). For Minimum 10 participants.

For customized pricing for larger teams, email at

Level 2. Visual Storytelling Training

Participants will be able to represent process charts, sales pitches, transformation journey, meeting agenda, etc in the form of visual stories on flipcharts/ presentations.

Ideal for: Sales Teams, Team lead, Scrum masters, Agile coaches, Product owners, Business Analysts, Social Media Marketers , HR personals and Trainers

Usually 4 hours / 1 day Training (Customizable)

This training needs a prior Business Drawing Training 

Price Indication for Online Training: Euro250 P.P (Excl BTW). For Minimum 10 participants.

Can be clubbed together with basic business drawing  training in a 2 day format

Level 3. Visual Problem Solving Training

Participants will learn to convert their business models likes Kanban chart, Retrospective, Daily stand up etc into Visual Models.

Ideal for: Project Managers, Scrum Masters
Trainers/ Coaches/ Facilitators

Usually 4 hours / 1 day Training (Customizable)

Price Indication: Euro300 P.P (Excl BTW). For Minimum 10 participants.

100% customized training 

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Piyuesh Modi, Founder,

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Pierre Mille, Director Plan and Delivery,

Friesland Campina, The Netherlands